Product Owner Certification Preparation

245 Practice Exam Questions

If you are looking for Product Owner Certification, offers the Professional Product Owner certification, "PSPO 1". We offer a 320 question Product Owner Certification Practice Exam to help you prepare for the exam. We also offer our Product Owner training in public and in our virtual classroom.

Each practice exam contains 80 randomly selected  questions out of a total of 320 available questions. There is a one-hour countdown timer, just like the real exam and you can start and stop as many times as you would like. This exam includes 50 additional questions to our PSM 1 practice exam and is created specifically to help you pass the PSPO 1 exam.

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On-Demand Training with Practice Questions

This self-study course provides an in-depth review of Scrum and the Role of the Product Owner in the Agile Product Lifecycle.  This course, along with the included practice exams will also prepare you for the PSPO 1 certification from For more information about this course, access our self study learning platform here.

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 Why pursue the PSPO 1 Product Owner certification?

Here is a great reason from the website:

People that have passed PSPO 1 and achieved certification demonstrate an intermediate understanding of the Scrum framework, and how to apply it to maximize the value delivered with a product. They exhibit a dedication to continued professional development, and a high level of commitment to their field of practice. Achieving PSPO 1 is the minimum demonstration of knowledge any Professional Scrum Product Owner should be able to make.

Do I have to take one of your classes to get access to the practice exam?

You do not have to take one of our classes to take the exam. You can take anyone's class or not at all.

Can I get access for a number of users for my company?

Yes, you can purchase one year of unlimited access to the exam for just $450.00. Click here for a one-year pricing options.


Note: is founded by Ken Schwaber, one of the original creators of Scrum and a co-author of the Scrum Guide and the following foundational Scrum books: