Training Evaluation Summary

1=Poor, 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Excellent
Did your trainer have a thorough grasp of the subject? 4
Did your trainer actively invite questions? 3.6
Did your trainer answer the question posed? 3.6
Was your trainer prepared for class? 3.9
Did your trainer have a professional demeanor? 4
How would you rate the overall skills of the trainer? 3.9
Did this class meet your expectations? 3.9
Was the level of instruction appropriate? 4
Was the length appropriate? 3.7
Did the class begin on time? 3.8
Was all of the equipment working properly? 4
How would you rate the manuals? 3.7
Was the training facility adequate? 3.7
What is your overall level of satisfaction with this training? 3.9
Average (Number of Respondents= 285) 3.8