On-site Agile Training Option

We can deliver all of our courses on-site at your organization. This is a cost effective approach if you have at least 6 people who would be attending the training.

Our Obligations

  • We will provide an experienced Agile certified instructor to deliver the training.
  • We will spend up to 3 hours in advance with the client to understand any specific needs of their organization.
  • We will provide the  slide presentation and exercises to be used as a participant guide for the course. All of our participant guides are available to review in advance from Amazon, or contact us for a free copy.
  • We also offer custom curriculum development to tailor the course to meet your individual organization's needs.

Client Obligations

  • Classroom space, flip chart and video presentation equipment
  • Solicitation and scheduling of training participants
  • Internal infrastructure to support instructor(s), e.g. id-badge, etc.


We have  flat fee pricing for the first 15 people and an additional cost per person for up to 25 people per class. Contact us if you would like an on-site Agile Training proposal.